That’s me: Caluã Pataca, a 35 year old luso-brazilian. Yes, I used to play in a band, but since I finished college I’ve mainly worked as a designer-entrepreneur — along some friends, I started Preface, an agency that since 2006 has worked with dozens of clients in fields such as education, business intelligence, sociology, research, culture, art, etc.

My toolbox
  • basicfairgoodgreat
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Git
  • Adobe suite
  • User research

core competencies

  • Integrating needs from users, client and developers

    I often deal with conflicting demands — the goals of the client, bounds and possibilities of technology, budget, and time, what the user values, etc. The challenge and beauty of work as a designer as I see it is just that: the creation of artifacts that manage to balance different (and sometimes) conflicting needs.

  • Experience working with diverse teams

    In Preface, I have led small teams in various projects. I have also been responsible for smaller, specific, roles. Depending on the project, there has been close collaboration with teams from the client — their own developers, business people, researchers, teachers, students, users, etc. All this to say: I’m used to collaborating with diverse teams, learning from people in disciplines different from mine.

  • Detail-oriented, but budget conscientious

    I’m always willing to try new ideas and processes. I love design and its intricacies — typography, layout, color, white-space, etc. However, not rarely I was close to, or responsible for, the financial well-being of projects I’ve worked on, meaning I have felt the consequences of being too precious in the wrong stages... I’m sometimes wary of some of my own cravings.

  • Self-motivated, curious designer

    Although I like taking classes and more formal education forms, I’m very fond of ‘exploratory’ learning of new technologies and techniques through experimentation in self-guided or, when the stars align, client projects.


  • 2018—present
    Universidade Estadual de Campinas
    MSc in Computer Engineering
  • 2002—2007
    Universidade Estadual de Campinas
    Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts
  • 1999—2001
    Colégio Técnico da Unicamp
    Certificate program in IT

I can be reached at