Canon College

Canon Brazil’s team has a program called Cannon College, where they teach photography enthusiasts about techniques, both at amateur and professional levels. They use a large range of didactic materials, and for this project asked us to (1) transform their translation of some mixed material from Canon USA into two standalone books, and (2) make a series of PowerPoint slides into three small booklets to be used during the courses.

The visual project(s) had to account for content in complex configurations — diagrams, tables, photographs, etc —, and for this I created very flexible layout and typographic grids, tied together with some key concepts: disciplined use of composition, small set of colours and fonts, etc.

First book, Understanding Cameras and Lenses

Second book, Photography Improvement Techniques


For the two books most of the images came from Canon itself, but some simple illustrations and diagrams had to be recreated, either because the original material was unavailable or to make them more coherent with the rest of the visual language elements in the books.

illustration for the first book

illustration for the first book

illustration for the second book

The 3 booklets

Booklet 1, Basic — Introduction to photography

Booklet 2, Intermediate

Booklet 3, Improvement techniques

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