Easy S@T

Easy S@T is an equipment for small and medium-sized business in the state of São Paulo. It automates the emission of electronic invoices and receipts, a legal requirement starting in 2016. It is not simple to implement, however, so Easy S@T’s actual clients are companies that develop fiscal automation solutions.

I worked on developing the logo and the installation manual, shown below.

Technical manuals

In addition the manual above, I also created a Microsoft Word template for the client to edit their product’s technical manuals (made available to developers online). Since this was a document that would be frequently edited, we figured it would be too impractical and expensive for each version to be manually designed, but at the same time we hoped to achieve a good level of presentation that wouldn't negatively stand out from the rest of the material.

Even though Word isn't as capable as Adobe’s Indesign, it offers some effective automatic styling functions, so it was very easy for the client to just input their content (including images) and have it generate a nice document.

I can be reached at hi@caluapataca.com.