Nave Ciência

Nave Ciência was a set of thematic playgrounds that were setup in a number of municipal childcare facilities aimed at children from 2 to 5 years old, specifically from poor areas of Campinas, São Paulo.

It was a multidisciplinary project where we worked together with architects, educators and the city’s officials, and that had as one of its main goals the idea of introducing to the small children that were to interact with the playgrounds a kind of inquisitive curiosity, akin to one of a scientist: there were many ‘strange’ toys, each exploring different physics effects, and the idea was that the children were to be free to explore them.

The visual identity plays with this curious way of seeing and interacting with the world we were aiming to foment. There were pink and green round characters that appear in the logo but also in its many graphic pieces, where we tried to represent this explorative joyful demeanor so typical in small children.


There were four themes for the playgrounds: Time & Movement, Forms & Quantities, Energy & Environment and Sound & Light.

  • theme 1
  • theme 2
  • theme 3
  • theme 4

Stickers and drawing papers with the logo and green and pink characters.

sheet with stickers

  • drawing block, 1
  • drawing block, 2
  • drawing block, 3
  • drawing block, 4
  • drawing block, 5
  • drawing block, 6


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