SaaS Fest

SaaSFest 2015 was a business event for professionals involved with Software as a service, or <span class="smallcaps">sass</span>. When I was called to create the event's logo and some of its printed material, the client had an idea of combining the <span class="smallcaps">sass</span> initials with sass as in sassy. The visual identity should therefore try and break with the expectations of this being just another event for squares.

The symbol I arrived at tries to expand on this double entendre: depending on how you look at it, it is either a graph, indicating growth, or a cheeky smiling face. Yes, this was a business event dealing with the very serious topic of helping entrepreneurs to optimize their (SaaS) business, but at the same time I tried to emphasize this characteristic of the event as a chance of relaxed dialogue between peers.

the logo

a postcard with the event’s schedule

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