Feia 10

Show here are the posters I did for Feia 10, the tenth edition of the Festival do Instituto de Artes, a student art festival from one of Brazil’s most prestigious universities. This was a special edition, marking the first decade of the event.

The first poster was a simple xeroxed A3 announcing to artists in the region that in the coming months there would be a selection process for their works — music, theater, dance, visual arts and video.

announcment poster

The second poster introduces the visual identity for the festival and gives information on how artists can send their work.

call for registrations

The main poster, spread around town just before the event began, consisted of 8 square pieces that could be combined in infinite variations — the idea was for the poster to be a _collage_ of these fragments, one of which contained the more objective information about the festival, and which could be used to occupy spaces big or small. The examples below simulate an 2 by 4 configuration, but in practice this went from 1 single square to a whole corridor.

main poster, configuration #1main poster, configuration #2main poster, configuration #3main poster, configuration #4main poster, configuration #5

The 8 pieces where each printed in blue or orange:

square pieces spread out

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