Olimpíada Nacional em História do Brasil

The Olimpíada is a Brazilian History Educational institution that organizes an annual online competition (the ONHB) between high school students: some 45 thousand each edition, divided in to teams of 4, one being a history teacher in the role of mentor. At the same time, these teachers can participate in an online course, each year dealing in depth with one of the many subjects in the national history curriculum.

For each event there is a poster, sent to schools all over the country, inviting students and teachers to take part. I've designed some of them, which I show bellow.

Posters for the ONHB

Although there are usually some themes dealt in each edition of the ONHB, the poster is usually a more abstract exploration that tries to deal with the subject of history and its study — I play with ideas such as multifaceted views of incomplete facts, vertigo, getting lost, while maintaining coherence with the brand (about which I speak a little here).

poster for the 5th edition

poster for the 7th edition

poster for the 8th edition

poster for the 9th edition

Posters for the online course for teachers

The course is thematic — the Brazilian dictatorship, Native Brazilians, Image as learning instrument —, so unlike the ONHB‘s posters here each one explores a more concrete idea.

poster for the 2nd edition of the online teachers’ formation course

poster for the 3rd edition of the online teachers’ formation course

poster for the 4th edition of the online teachers’ formation course

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