O Sagrado Lúpulo: a beer lover’s diary and guide

Rodrigo Caravita is an old friend who has since 2004 been exploring the world of craft beer appreciation. He has been carefully documenting his impressions of every beer he tastes, and in 2012 he came to me asking for help in creating a web site making public his judgments.

I drew a logo that plays with the idea of being drunk — you can read the name of the project (O Sagrado Lúpulo), but also some tipsy variations: Salgraúdo Pulo, Ograúpu Saldolo, etc.

The site also plays with this — bubbles float in the background while the illustrations by Adriana Ramos set a playful and dreamlike tone —, while also representing the seriousness and rigour with which Rodrigo takes his hobby — the information is clearly presented, and colour and typography are sober.

I can be reached at hi@caluapataca.com.